Magazon SBU Series - Magnatic Particle Inspection Benches
Magazon SBU Series - Magnatic Particle Inspection Benches

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Magazon SBU Series – Magenetic Particle Inspection Benches

The MAGAZON SBU series of MPI benches is designed to test small components which can be easily handled and need only modest magnetising currents. Various bench sizes are available, a wide range of magnetising modes and current waveforms, and a variety of accessories and ancillary equipment. Baugh & Weedon NDT prides itself on it’s flexibility to build equipment to individual specifications, should the standard range not suffice.

Construction is based on a strong steel cabinet, which houses the main electrical components, and is fitted with a stainless steel drain tank. The headstock is locked via a manually operated pneumatic clamp. The tailstock utilises roller bearings and a simple locking mechanism. Both head and tailstocks are equipped with test piece supports and easily replaceable copper mesh contact pads. A small piece device can be fitted, which using modest spring pressure, affords protection to delicate components.

A nominal 2500A power pack provides AC, with HWDC and single phase FWDC waveforms as options. All MAGAZON SBU series benches control the current using the CPS method (Current Pre-Selection). This allows the operator to select a given current and the bench will automatically achieve this value during the magnetising shot.

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