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As a leading phased array system GEKKO is able to operate with matrix arrays and real-time custom signal processing algorithms (Total Focusing Methods, TFM). GEKKO also supports most US testing techniques and already has implemented the latest features of the CIVA software.

• CIVA-assisted generation of test parameters, thus very fast calculation of time delays, also for complex testing tasks (matrix arrays, curved parts)

• Total Focusing Method (TFM) in real-time

• True location data representation, that is, distortion-free sectional images (e.g. C-image as a plan view of a weld) and B-scan (depth section through weld)

• Extremely low crosstalk between adjacent channels (crosstalk attenuation > 50 dB), thus good signal-to-noise ratio in the A-scan and high-contrast B and C images

• 3-positions encoder

• 3D representation

• Flexible matrix fields


The GEKKO software has been developed for operators of all skill levels. The guided user interface simplifies the menues and reduces the possibilities of errors.

• Convenient user guidance: Before the start of testing sequentially the following parameters are defined: component, probe, scanner (if available), gate setting and representation modes (A-scan, B-scan, S-scan, true-location C-scan, D-image). Only after acknowledgment of all parameters, the test is released.

• User assistance for many operations: weld geometry, weld-overlay (scan plan), automated measurement of angled delay wedges, automatic sensitivity adjustment of the individual array elements, automated recording of TCG (Time Corrected Gain) and ACG (Angular Corrected Gain) of cross holes for vertical and angular insonification

• Automatic probe recognition via EEPROM (chip optionally is implemented in the probe)

• Analysing software for data evaluation: error table, zoom function, report generation, etc.

• Interfaces: LAN, USB, VGA


GEKKO provides state-of-the-art software for customization of application. Usable by phased array experts, but also by on-site application operators.

• Most convenient customization of the ultrasonic testing

• Operation modes for experts and operators

• 64 parallel channels advantage #1 > wide apertures possible > great focus depth possible in forgings (example: 2 MHz array w/ 2 mm pitch > 128 mm aperture > focusing possible within a near field length of 1365 mm) advantage #2 > panning of 2D sound cluster possible > application #1: testing for oblique flaws of welds, application #2: no moving required for 3D data acquisition of parts with small placing areas

• Pulse echo mode

• Through mode




Equipped with a touch screen, dust and splash proof to IP54 and battery-operated the GEKKO is optimized for on-site phased array examination.

• Sturdy touch-screen (operable by hand, glove or pen). As alternative, a mouse can be connected.

• Dust- and water-proof

• Portable

• Battery-operated

• Battery change possible with the instrument turned on (Hot Swap)

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