Elop Insight
Elop Insight

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Elop Insight is the world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection.

Enabling smart and unparalleled efficiency of scanning for a large variety of concrete structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels, and buildings.

Real-time 3D visualisation

Elop Insight is a globally patented ultrasound scanning solution that quickly, efficiently and accurately gathers assessment data on critical infrastructure. The scanner incorporates ultrasound sensors that transmit and receive acoustic signals, mapping and creating real-time 3D visualisation of the subsurface construction.

Unparalleled efficiency

When placed inside a rolling device, Elop’s unique technology enables a considerably more efficient and practical way of inspecting larger volumes of concrete structures than is possible with any other existing technologies and devices on the market today.

Simple and intuitive scanning

Elop Insight is intuitive and easy to use and an ergonomic and durable design ensures simple, reliable collection of data, without the mess of coupling gel that is required by other ultrasonic devices. Elop Insight simply and accurately reveals the internal state of the concrete structure, with the possibility of vertical and horizontal scanning. The live 3D visualisation of the concrete structure on the scanner screen, shows elements and defects such as cracks, air pockets, voids, delamination and rebars in real-time.

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