Image Quality Indicators
Image Quality Indicators

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Image Quality Indicators

AC manufactures Image Quality Indicators to the following Standards:

• European Standard EN 464-1:1994 (Wire type).

• DIN 54 109 (Wire type).

• ASTM E77-84a/ASME SE747-94 (Wire type).

• EN 462-5 Duplex Wire IQI.

The EN 464-1 and DIN Indicators are made in steel, aluminium and copper and with wire lengths 10, 25 and 50mm.

EN 464-1 indicators are also made in titanium.

The EN 462-5 Indicators relate only to unsharpness and are meant to be used in conjunction with a wire or step-hole type IQI.

All indicators have a serial number for Quality Assurance purposes. From this, measured wire diameters and date of manufacture can be traced.

European Standard Indicators are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity. Certificates for other Indicators can be supplied at an extra charge.

Duplex Image Quality Indicators

The Duplex IQI is used in many X-ray applications. It is especially made for digital X-ray applications in order to evaluate image unsharpness (film and digital images) and basic spatial resolution in digital images according to EN 13068 (Radioscopy), EN 14784 and ISO 13671 (CR – Computed Radiography with imaging plates), ISO 17636-2 (digital radiography of welds – flat panel detectors) or ASTM E 2597 (characterization of digital detector arrays). A new ISO is in the works, describing the possibility of using the Duplex IQI for the determination of focal spot sizes on X-ray tubes.


• The IQI consists of 13 wire pairs from 1D with a wire Ø of 0.80mm to 13D with a wire Ø of 0.050mm.

• Wires 1D – 3D are made of tungsten and wires 4D to 13D are made of platinum.

• The wires of platinum and tungsten and are exactly spaced to correspond to the diameter of each pair. The degree of unsharpness is indicated by the number of wire pairs that can be seen. As unsharpness increases, the wires merge to form a single image.

• The wires are cast in a transparent, resistant and dimensional stable plastic material.

• Each IQI is cast with a standard designation and a unique serial number, which is shown on each image. The lead identification reads END (this identification has been submitted to the Technical Committee CEN/TC 138 for approval).

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