MapMan – OH Manual Corrosion Mapping Scanner
MapMan – OH Manual Corrosion Mapping Scanner

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MapMan – OH Manual Corrosion Mapping Scanner

This two axis manual scanner is a fast, portable system for performing C-scan inspection (such as corrosion mapping) on pipes and vessels. The MapMan is compatible with any transducer and is especially effective when combined with linear array sensors for rapid area coverage. The MapMan can be used on 4” pipes up to flat plate.

The MapMan is a modular two axis scanner that is ideal for corrosion mapping. It is available with magnetic wheels for inspecting steel pipes and vessels or alternatively belts for inspecting pipes of any other material.

Transducer holders are available for the MapMan to mount one of several existing linear array sensors including HydroFORM, WheelProbe, as well as standard 0° wedges. The axial rail can be supplied with fixed step locking positions so that the transducer can be very quickly incremented whilst guaranteeing data overlap to ensure that all areas have been inspected. The MapMan scanner is a two axis manual X-Y scanner designed for use with linear array transducers for fast coverage and can be configured to mount probes such as the Olympus HydroFORM, the Sonatest Wheel probe or conventional 0° wedges.

Magnetic wheels for use on steel pipes provide rigidity and stability while the increment rail enables quick and accurate positioning.

The system eliminates the need to rescan areas and allows rapid and cost-effective collection of data.

For non-ferritic materials, the magnetic wheels can be replaced by a belt at each end of the arm, available from 4” pipe up to 48”. The MapMan can operate with any two-axis flaw detection system, primarily portable phased array instruments. It includes a linear encoder on the axial rail and a wheel encoder that rolls against the pipe surface. The encoders can be wired to suit the customer’s instrumentation.

1. Dual axis encoding, 2. Magnetic wheels for stability, 3. Increment rail with pre-defined grooves, 4. For use on components from 100mm (4”) outside diameter through to flat, 5. Maximum stroke inspection up to 550mm, 6. Weight: 3kg – 5kg (dependent on configuration), 7. Encoder resolution: X = 8 steps/mm Y = 1000 steps/mm, 9. Encoder connector: Any

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