B-310 Series Mini Contour Probes
B-310 Series Mini Contour Probes

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B-310 Series Mini Contour Probes


The B-310 Contour Probe is a lightweight (6 lbs.) Magnetic Inspection Yoke designed to perform magnetic particle inspections quickly and reliably, and with greater versatility.

The overall length of the unit is only 7.25″.

The B-310 Mini Contour Probe provides great flexibility and reduced size.

– Units are available in 115, 230, 42-48 VAC and 4-12 VDC

– All units may be CE certified

– When required, the B-310 may be operated from the optional DC-300 pulsed DC power supply to provide intense DC magnetic fields

– One year repair/replacement guarantee

The reversible strain-relief feature allows the power cord to enter from the rear or top of the unit permitting greater access to small work areas.

As with all Parker Contour Probes, the B-310 has fully adjustable legs permitting the AC magnetic field to be applied to the precise area of inspection.


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