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Checkmor 240

Water washable and solvent removable colour contrast penetrant.

Checkmor® 240 is a new-generation water-washable and solvent removable colour contrast penetrant, which is widely used in many industries for the detection of defects which are open to the surface of non-porous parts. A main advantage of this new red dye penetrant is its dark red colour, which allows easy control and monitoring of the washing process. Checkmor® 240 is a high-sensitivity, low-viscosity liquid with excellent surface wetting properties to ensure optimum coverage of the part. Normally, it is used in conjunction with a remover (water or S76 penetrant remover) a suitable developer such as LD7 non-acqueous developer.

Checkmor 300

Checkmor 300 is a red dye penetrant in accordance with EN ISO 3452 Part 2, Type I, which can be removed by water or solvents ? and a fluorescent penetrant in accordance with EN ISO 3452 Part 2 Type III. It corresponds to the requirements of ASTM and ASME.

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