Semi-Finished Product Test Systems
Semi-Finished Product Test Systems

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Non-destructive crack testing with rotating probe

The CIRCOFLUX test system is used for the non-destructive surface testing of ferromagnetic steel bars using the magnetic flux leakage method in accordance with standard EN 10221. This method is the most sensitive surface testing method for longitudinal, crack-like defects in hot-rolled ferromagnetic steel bars. The CIRCOFLUX sensor system therefore replaces subjective testing methods such as the magnetic powder test (magnetic crack detection) and visual checks, which are difficult to document and reproduce.

The available sensor systems cover a material diameter range from approx. 10 to 180 mm. FOERSTER's long-standing experience in this field ensures high operating reliability. The modular design of the test electronics is also ideally suited to meet future demand for ever increasing defect detection sensitivity.

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