Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Robots are helpful in uncertain and extreme environments. They can perform inspection and surveillance activities within minutes and are very effective in EOD, nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare scenarios.

For instance, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011 resulted in catastrophic consequences for Japan. This led to the use of robots for clearing debris caused by this nuclear meltdown, controlling the spread of radiation, and shutting down the nuclear reactor.

Various PackBot robots were used to capture images of the affected areas to assess the aftermath of the disaster, as the areas surrounding the plant were extremely hazardous for humans. The deployment of robots in affected areas enabled quick inspections beyond the line of sight.

Some of the robots that were used are as follows:

• EOD applications

• Robots for capturing images of affected areas

• Autonomous water cannons for firefighting

• Heavy construction robots for the demolition of radiation-affected structures

• Robots for removing rubble

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