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dentCHECK is the only OEM-certified ‘Go/No-Go’ tool for 3D dent-mapping. Purpose-built for airlines and MROs, the tool revolutionizes dent-mapping. Compared to traditional methods, dentCHECK delivers time savings in excess of 90% for damage mapping and reporting.

Zero Programming, Zero Post-Processing, Zero Surface Preparation

Summary of dentCHECK Capabilities:

• Measures dents, bumps, blend-outs, lightning strikes, multi-dents

• Works on metal, composite, rainy surfaces

• Actionable ‘Go/No-Go’ answers in seconds

• Point & Click – designed for any skill level

• Accuracy traceable to National Standards

• Handheld-portability: work effortlessly in workshop, hangar, tarmac

• Fully self-contained tetherless: no external cables, computers or power source

• Fully networked tool – built-in WiFi, USB – real-time wireless transfer to Engineering

Product Picture

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