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Industrial X-Ray System

Y.MG 103/165/226 – Unipolar Constant Potential X-Ray System

YXLON unipolar constant potential X-ray systems include 2.25 kW and 4.5 kW versions. The 2.25 kW X-ray systems have been designed and configured primarily for use in manual, semi-automated and fully automated radioscopic applications. The high energy and high dose rates of the unipolar 4.5 kW X-ray systems make them excellent candidates not only for radiographic and radioscopic applications but also for dosimetry and scanning methods like computer tomography.

Y.MG 325/452 – Bipolar Constant Potential X-Ray System

MG 452

The high energy and the high dose rates of the 320kV (MG325) resp. 450kV (MG452) bipolar X-ray systems with a power up to 4.5 kW can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications ranging from light alloys and thin walled materials of low density to thick walled materials of high density as e.g. 115 mm iron.

Yxlon MU2000

The MU2000 is based on the concept of de-couple manipulation: X-ray source and detector move independently from the part manipulator. It maximizes the inspection envelope in a given x-ray shielded area and minimizes the necessary footprint. Excellent image quality allows the operator to quickly and efficiently identify fine details and contrasts. High throughput is the result. The ergonomic design and simple, intuitive operation of the entire system also contributes to a reduced inspection time.

Yxlon MU231

MU 231

 The MU231 is designed for the in-line inspection for light alloy wheels. The inspection right after the casting process means cost reduction by minimizing further machining of defective wheels. Either mixed mode or batch processing is possible. The MU231 fits with the most standardized conveyor systems. A built-in transport shuttle, acting also as a radiation shielding, automatically conveys the wheel into the enclosure to the loading position. The inspection starts when the wheel is in the inspection position and rotating. The operator with an “accept or reject” decision acknowledges every inspection position. With the preset is defined whether a "reject" decision stops the test sequence or not. After the test sequence is finished the wheel is automatically unloaded.

Yxlon CT Compact

With the industrial CT system Y.CT Compact, YXLON offers low priced access to the advantages of industrial Computed Tomography (CT) while simultaneously providing a modular design adaptable to increasing requirements. The Y.CT Compact offers considerable help to monitor industrial production processes, quality control in serial production and fast qualification of prototypes. Depending on your current needs, we offer the industrial CT system Y.CT Compact with different X-ray sources and imaging systems. Thus the modular design of this CT system ensures that increasing requirements can be met at any time.