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Eddy Current Test System

Defectomat DS

The top-of-the-range model for eddy-current testing with through-type coils. This instrument system is based on Windows®, allows convenient operation and uncompromising network integration. Modern touch-screen technology and application wizards simplify dialogue and prompt the operator reliably when making all instrument settings. The system utilizes the power of Windows® in relation to networking capability and multi-tasking. Thus, FOERSTERnet® allows access to the test instrument from any number of computer workstations simultaneously even if the various users require different information, e.g. current test status, test result of the last tested job or a batch from last month for reasons relating to research.

Defectomat CI

The standard instrument for eddy current testing with through type coils for almost all applications. It is the successor of the globally successful Defectomat C and CP version. One of the new features on offer is the fully optional 2 channel evaluation which allows e.g. simultaneous signal evaluation in the eddy current and Ferromat channel.