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Probe and Cable

Phoenix High performance ultrasonic transducers are reliable, reproducible and cost-effective and all are made to quality standards such as EN12668, BS EN ISO 9001:2001,ESI,DIN,AWS and

                        Phoenix offers a full range of transducers designed specifically for TOFD
                        applications. They are available with integral or demountable wedges and
                        in standard ceramic or piezocomposite materials.
                       Performa Gel is a premium ambient temperature ultrasonic couplant.
                       Operating temperature range of -20ºF to 300ºF.
                       Blue / green colour – semi translucent – stiff non-pourable gel which will not
                       drip. It has a pleasant odor and is non-toxic, non-flammable and completely
                       soluble in water.


                                                        Calibration Block and Specimen