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The powerful ultrasonic flaw detector features 3 monitors for amplitude and time-of-flight measurement and 3 associated status lamps on the front panel for monitoring of threshold levels. The very compact instrument (54 mm case depth) provides fast digital ultrasonic electronics with a high sampling rate and pulse repetition frequencies up to 5000 Hz.

Operating assistance for less-experienced users

A convenient user guidance supports less-trained UT inspectors, also during probe handling and instrument adjustment: Simply activate the wizard and follow the instructions on the screen. Even difficult evaluation procedures for defect sizing (DAC/TCG, JIS, AWS or DGS) are set almost automatically.


Portable phased array testing

The portable phased array testing system GEKKO provides 64 parallel test channels. On creating testing parameters the operator is assisted by the CIVA software. Due to its modular set-up the GEKKO instrument is suitable for operators of all skill levels.

GEKKO is a portable phased-array instrument bringing stateof-the-arts UT techniques to NDT operators through a simple interface. The graphic user interface (GUI) has been designed to simplify the setup of NDT procedures while keeping the user aware of the techniques used for the inspection




ISONIC 2020 uniquely combines functionality and mobility of portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with recording, imaging, and data processing capabilities of smart computerized inspection system.

·         Large Bright High Resolution Color Touch Screen
·         Built-In Encoder Interface
·         USB, LAN, VGA outputs
·         Huge Data Storage Capability
·         TOFD/CHIME upgradeable
·         Corrosion Profiling and Flaw Imaging
·         Standard DAC/TCG function
·         DGS function as standard feature
·         Dual Ultrasound Velocity mode
·         A-scan playback of recorded images
 ISONIC 2006
Inspect and BackupPortable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector And Recorder
• Large Bright High Resolution Color Touch Screen
• Built-In Probe Position Encoding Means
• USB, LAN, VGA outputs
• Huge Data Storage Capability
• Longitudinal, Shear, Guided, and Surface Waves
• A-, B-, CB-, C-, D-, P-Scan and TOFD
• Corrosion Profiling and Flaw Imaging
• Up To 20m Length of One Line Scanning Record
• Playback A-Scans for Recorded Images
• Enhanced Signal Evaluation for Live and Frozen A-Scans
• Defect Sizing and Pattern Analysis
• Compliance with ASME and RBIM Procedures
ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope uniquely combines phased array, single- and multi-channel conventional UT, and TOFD modalities providing 100% raw data recording and imaging. Along with portability, lightweight, and battery operation this makes it suitable for all kinds of every-day ultrasonic inspections.
Phased Array Modality
·         64/64 phased array electronics – independently adjustable emitting and receiving aperture, parallel A/D conversion and on-the-fly real time digital phasing
·         Phased array pulser receiver with image guided ray tracing
·         Cross-sectional B-Scan (E-Scan), Sector Scan (S-Scan), Tandem-B-Scan viewing accompanied with standards compliant A-Scan / Gate based evaluation
·         Thickness / Skip Correction for B-Scan / S-Scan viewings
·         Gain per Focal Law Control providing Angle Gain Compensation for S-Scan and other applicable compensations for wedge / delay sound path and losses variation, in-equivalency of array elements, etc
·         A-Scan, B-Scan, CB-Scan, and TOFD
·         DAC/TCG per focal law adjustment
·         Up To 20m Length of One Line Scanning Record
·         3D data presentation through composing of Top (C-Scan), Side, End Views
·         Dealing with diffracted and mode converted signals – defects sizing and pattern recognition (delta technique, crack depth meter, etc)