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Radiation Detection and Measuring Instruments

RS-200S Radiation Portal Monitoring System

The RS-200S system is a 2 PMT based fully digital system especially designed for the difficult operating conditions of scrap and aluminum processing plants. The most successful radiation detection system for the steel industry with more than 1000 systems installed worldwide.

RT-50 Laboratory Gamma Ray Spectrum Analyzer

RT-50 with LabCenter has been specifically designed to monitor and detect the presence of radiation in metals, metals by-products, geological samples, construction materials, environmental commodities and many other materials.

RDS-110 Multipurpose Surveymeter

The RDS-110 Multi-purpose Survey Meter is a versatile radiation detection meter which has been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of rescue and other operations involving a possibility for abnormal radiation levels.

ND2000 Surveymeter

Three Range Dustproof Radiographic Survey Meter, Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Fiberglass Case with Cast Aluminum Handle, Meter Face in Both mR/hr and uSv/hr, Gamma and X-Ray From 80-2000 KeV Within 20%  

Three Ranges 0-1000, 0-100, 0-10 mR/hr and 0-10,000, 0-1000, 0-100 uSv/hr  


RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosemeter

RADOS RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter is a precise radiation measuring instrument for reliable detection and registration of radiation in order to ensure the personal safety of the user. It is suitable for a broad range of everyday radiation monitoring purposes in stand alone conditions.

Pen Dosimeter and charger

The Direct-Reading Dosimeter is a pocket-size, carbon-fiber electroscope with an ion chamber for detecting and indication of integrated exposure to Gamma and X-Ray radiation.  It has a thin wall which permits the penetration and detection of radiation.

Image Quality Indicator (IQI)

RADAC manufactures Image Quality Indicators to the following Standards: European Standard EN 464-1:1994 (Wire type), DIN 54 109 (Wire type), ASTM E77-84a/ASME SE747-94 Wire type), EN 462-5 Duplex Wire IQI