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MT/PT Accessories


PM50 – Permanet Magnet Set, Available with optional kit

MG50 – Magnetic Pie Gauge with certificates


MG01 / MG02 – Magnetic Field Strips. Type 1 (G) and Type 2 (A)

MG25 – Magnetometers (20-0-20), (10-010) and others, with certificates

TB10 – Magnetic Weight Lift Test Bars, with certificates, available in single,3,4 or 5 Bar sets. TB10-SP – 10-Lb Bar with artificial defects.

PB5 – Magnetic Powder Blower Self contained with internal five pound powder reservoir and compressor. Apply powder evenly to all surfaces.

PB1 – Magnetic Powder Blower Apply Mag Powder in any direction.

5170 & 5180 – Gauss / tesla meters.