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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

EFER Endoscopy




Videoendoscopic probes with mechanical articulation, integrated battery and SD card image recording.

- Maximum length 3 m for diameter 5 mm 
- Maximum length 6 m in standard and 15 m in special version for diameters 6 and 8 mm 
- Direct viewing with large field of view 
- Mechanical orbital tip articulation 
- 3.5 inch VGA screen 
- JPEG and MPEG4 video recording on SD card 
- 2-button keypad to record images and videos 
- 5-button keypad to set video functions, manage image and recording functions 
- Powering by internal buffer battery, rechargeable during operation 





Dedicated to “PC compatible” video recording on USB key, the ENDOFLASHER 800 incorporates

a comfortable 5 inch viewing screen, integrated LED lighting and a real-time processor with super

sensitivity capabilities.   ENDOFLASHER 800 probes loaded with the 3DSIZER option and fitted with

distal stereo tips enable high precision, three-dimensional in situ measurements.


• 5 inch VGA screen

• Real-time JPEG and MPEG 4 audio-video recording on USB key

• Integrated LED lighting

• Video processor with variable zoom and low speed auto shutter

• 4, 5 , 6 and 8 mm probes with interchangeable tips

• 6 mm probes with interchangeable tips and working channel

• Axial and lateral interchangeable tips with direct or stereo viewing

• Distal temperature alarm

• Orbital tip articulation with auto-speed regulation

• Universal thread mount

• Molded reinforced polycarbonate body

• AC or battery poweringOPTION

• 3DSIZER function for three-dimensional stereo measurement



• Removable umbilical cable

• Twin connections bases protected by flexible waterproof cover

 ■ VGA output, audio headset connection

 ■ USB key



• PW 800-07 battery power pack

• CR 800 fast battery charger

• S 800 AC powering

• Audio headset






Self-powered system with interchangeable probes

Associating ARGUS 800 probes with a TIVE 800 unit results in self-powered and portable

videoendoscopy systems economically optimized for operators having a large inventory of probes.

Operable in all inspection conditions, these systems provide a comprehensive range of functions accessible

from both ARGUS 800 and TIVE 800 keypads.


• Integrated battery

• Intuitive operation through keypad and on-screen help

• “Double-click” access to programmed functions by MENU key

• Remote operation of ARGUS 800 tip articulation and video functions using

TIVE 800 keypad

• Remote operation of TIVE 800 programmed functions using ARGUS 800



• Fixed image or motion video recording

• Thumbnail or full screen image review, tip articulation, variable zoom, 

super sensitivity, image freeze


• Comparison measurement

• Circle gauge

• Title input by virtual keyboard

• Arrow annotation management

• Split screen

• Video settings 


• Three-dimensional stereo measurement modes:

length, depth, point to line, multi-segment lengths, perimeter, area


• Zoom, super sensitivity, motion video recording, distal temperature alarm

• Date / time, title, operating instructions, arrows, measurement results