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Film Digitizer


- Using precise optics and a helium neon laser
- Designed to deliver the highest possible image quality combined with extremely fast scanning
- Used with a range of software products to achieve a full integration with your current systems or to provide a powerful stand-alone system
- Fuild to last - constructed with an all steel frame an heavy metal closed housing to protect the laser and optics

Film Processor

For Processing all regular used type of Rolls/Cut sheets of industrial X-ray film.

- Low Level monitoring of all Tank solutions
- Automatic Solution Tank "Top-Up" control on "Start-Up"
- "Work in Progress" monitoring
- Replenishment storage tanks (2 x 30L)

Auto Film Dryer

- Low noise, warm air drying with over-temp protection
- Low maintenance precision gear drive -no worm drive used
- Light weight and compact for easy handling
- Low power requirements, low operating costs

Film Viewer

Smallest most economical film illuminators on the market
- Compact : Small, lightweight and portable
- Low Heat : will not damage films
- Low Power : Energy saving
- Long life : Average lamp life 2000 hours
- Design : Modern, stylish and simple
- Strong : Aluminum construction

Processing Chemical

Processing chemicals for wet chemistry