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Sentinel Camera Gamma

SENTINEL™ gamma radiography products justifiably have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and safety. They are the universally acclaimed choice of thousands industrial radiographers who insist on using the best equipment, and demand outstanding value for money.

SENTINEL™ offers the radiographer a comprehensive range of equipment from individual sources, accessories and safety devices to complete gamma ray projector systems

SENTINEL™, based at the QSA Global, Inc. facility in Burlington MA, produce gamma radiography projector systems, isotopes and associated accessories. New products exhibited this year include an innovative new Gamma Radiography Projector that may be incorporated in a pipeline crawler as well as being used as a conventional remote-control device. The new model ‘880 Delta’ device features unique construction methods and imaginative use of advanced materials to provide the lightest 150 Ci capacity Ir-192 projector available in the USA.  Additionally, SENTINEL™ has developed the model ‘880 Elite’ device: a lightweight device for 50 Ci of Ir-192 and 80 Ci Se-75.

Radiography Source / Isotop (Ir-192, C0-60, and Se-75)


QSA personnel have the knowledge and capability to identify the most appropriate product for a particular application and make suggestions for their most effective use.

A range of standard sources exist which meet common applications. Special requirements can be met to order in many cases.

QSA is highly experienced in the legislation and regulation covering the transport, use and disposal of sealed radioactive sources. Appropriate licenses are created and maintained for the product range, and manufacturing is to exacting standards to provide appropriate Quality Assurance. Distribution by approved and licensed containers ensures compliance with international transport regulations.